5 Bluetooth Headphones of 2017

The House of Marley Bluetooth® headphones combine comfort and best-in-class acoustics. The Marley’s “Signature Sound” conveys smooth, powerful bass, stunningly precise mids, and an energized high-end. Custom engineering and tuning mean that you can finally hear your music as your favorite artists intended. Check out our Bluetooth headphones of 2017.

1. Buffalo Soldier BT

House of Marley - Buffalo Soldier Bluetooth Headphones


Be as bold as your music. Constructed with FSC® certified wood, the Buffalo Soldier BT on-ear headphones offer an organic-meets-modern look and precise sound. With 16 hours of continuous Bluetooth playtime, they let you stay connected to the sounds that define you, all day long.

2. Liberate XLBT

House of Marley - Liberate XLBT Bluetooth Headphones


Dive deep into the music. These wireless Bluetooth wonders offer top-of-the line AptX and AAC technologies for unparalleled sound. Their unique mix of Rewind fabric and FSC® certified wood, topped off with a steel headband, give them a look as bold as their sound.

3. Rebel BT

House of Marley - Rebel Bluetooth Headphones

Set yourself free with perfect wireless sound and portability. The Rebel BT on-ear headphones offer classic style, a convenient 1-button remote, and a fit so comfortable you could forget you’re wearing them—if the music didn’t sound so good! With 8 hours of continuous Bluetooth playing capability, you can keep the music flowing all day, cable-free.

4. Rise BT

House of Marley - Rise Bluetooth Headphones


Never blend in to the background. The Rise on-ear headphones offer a look as unique as your playlist, alongside powerful sound and an an easy fit. A tangle-resistant cable and durable, foldable design that packs easily into the included stash bag make them perfect for grabbing big sound on the go.

5. Voyage BT

House of Marley - Voyage Bluetooth Headphones


Keep fit to your favorite soundtrack. With a flexible ear loop for fitted placement, the Voyage BT wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones will stay put, providing great sound through even the most intense workout. Designed for athletic performance with tangle-resistant cords and sweat-proof construction, these are the perfect choice for music lovers who move.