Artist Feature: CHIARA GEREK

A strong soul knows the importance of world travel and experience. We invite you to explore and conduct, discover and revel.

Visual artist and world photographer Chiara Gerek makes good on her word to jump head first into life’s journeys. Through her camera lense, with the eyes of an innovator, the Brooklyn artist challenges the unexpected, and embraces the realm of nature’s beauty one destination at a time. A seemingly never ending spectrum of vibrancy paired with dream-like compositions blend in fusion to create Gerek’s unique vision.

The flourishing Brooklynite got her first taste of inspiration when she was exposed to marine ecosystems as a young teen. Her fascination with the booming natural world soon evolved into an interest in landscape photography. Creative progress took its organic path as Chiara uncovered her camera’s ability to capture a moment and define a single point in her reality among the ever-passing timeline of the surrounding world. The complexity of emotion a snapshot evokes is vital to this artist’s personal philosophy and editorial style, offering an expansion of understanding among her audience. 

Gerek has explored the depths of the world and the peaks of the highest mountain tops for the nourishment of her work. Traveling to places like Fiji, New Zealand, and Laos has given her a true sense of the vast spectrum of colors and cultures scattered across our globe. As a growing talent, her next prospect is to create and score her own short film. Highly enamored by the congruence in sentiment between the audio and visual, the challenge and opportunity will place Chiara in a valuable path of artistic development. She has taken her primary steps in entering the world of cinema by directing her first music video, titled “Not Alone” — but she assures greater things are to come. 

Whether is be an impromptu backpacking trip across South East Asia, a tropical excursion with a tight-knit group of friends, or directing short film — this creator never fails to seize an opportunity to catch the perfect shot.

Check out some of our favorite images below. You can see more of Chiara’s breathtaking work on her Instagram page. 

Playa Maderas, Nicaragua - 2015
Playa Maderas, Nicaragua – 2015
Coober Pedy, Northern Territory, Australia – 2015
Nanuku, Fiji - 2015
Nanuku, Fiji – 2015
Tiburon, California - 2015
Tiburon, California – 2015
Kings Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia - 2015
Kings Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia – 2015
South East Asia - 2015
South East Asia – 2015