Benny Fairfax “pale fire”

“We awoke at the crack of dawn, 11am to be exact, swooped Benny, picked up some breakfast and were on our way. As the pale fire burned in the distance we set out to capture the essence of cruising. The weather was great and the fuzz was out on high alert for humans operating video recording devices on the streets like criminals, but they were no match for our jedi mind tricks. Before we knew it we had compiled hundreds of gigabytes of footage and the sun was setting on the day just as we needed to wrap. It felt like a success and after years of shooting with various snowboarders/skateboarders it was pretty easy to add Benny to my top 5 list of people to work with. Hopefully you all enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it.”


Directed by Eddie Grams

Cinematography by Ian Rigby

Creative Direction by Gabe Kuo

Featuring the Liberate XLBT Wireless Headphones