Celebrate Record Store Day 2017 with the Stir It Up Turntable

Record Store Day is an event that is held on one Saturday every April to recognize the importance of the thousands of independent record stores all around the world. Independent record stores play a huge role in supporting vinyl sales of both small and large artists as well as contributing to current record player trends and interests. We thought this would be the perfect day to launch our new product, the Stir It Up Turntable from House of Marley.

Although the music industry is heavily influenced by streaming sales, vinyl record sales have seemed to make a come back in the past couple years and this give us more reason to embrace Record Store Day 2017. According to an article that came out earlier this year by The Guardian, in 2016 about 3.2 million LPs were sold which set a 25-year high. Compared to the previous year, sales grew over 53%.

Stir It Up Turntable

House of Marley Stir it Up Turntable

The Stir It Up Turntable is a streamlined classic featuring natural bamboo for a warm look, and a built-in pre-amp that’s compatible with any of our speakers for easy connection. It’ll bring your vinyl to life with the gorgeous sound it deserves. The turntable also features replaceable cartridges, 33/45 RPM, belt drive, anti-skating control, REWIND Fabric dust cover, headphone jack and a USB port.

The turntable will go on sale 4/22 on Record Store Day 2017. The price is $229.99 for the turntable and $249.99 for the bundle including a Bob Marley Legend Album.
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See below for full technical specs:

  1. Type – Belt drive turntable, manual with auto start/stop
  2. Motor – DC servo-controlled
  3. Speeds – 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
  4. Turntable Platter – Aluminum Alloy
  5. Wow and Flutter – Less than 0.3%
  6. Signal-to-Noise Ratio – 50dB
  7. Output Level – Pre-amp OFF “PHONO”: 5mV nominal @1kHz, -10dB); Pre-amp ON “LINE”: 250mV nominal @1kHz, -10dB)
  8. Phono Pre-Amp Gain – 34dB nominal, RIAA equalized
  9. Power Supply – Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 0.3A
  10. Output – 12VDC, 250mA, 3W
  11. Dimensions – 420 mm (16.54″)W x 345mm (13.58”)L x 115mm (4.53”)H
  12. Weight – 4.03kg (8.88lb)
  13. Replacement Stylus – ATN3600L Tracking Force: 2.5-3.5g (AT3600L)
  14. Cartridge Type – 1/2” mount
  15. Headphone Jack – 3.5 mm (1/8” stereo (female)

House of Marley Stir it Up Turntable House of Marley Stir it Up Turntable House of Marley Stir it Up Turntable House of Marley Stir it Up Turntable