Creative spaces: Erica Lavelanet

Our second installment of Creative Spaces features fashion blogger, stylist, and writer, Erica Lavalanet at her home in Williamsburg.


This is the “blogger room” where I keep items that are next up to shoot. It doesn’t matter how hectic my work schedule, if I’m working 18 hour days or traveling and hardly home, I can never go to bed without my closet being totally organized. I’ve been this way since I was a little girl – something about an organized closet that leads to a clear mind. The buddha was a gift from my best friend when we were in High School. I’ve moved with it across the country and keep it around for prosperity and a little peace of mind.



Going off the organized room, the desk must also be the same. The Get Together speaker is a lifesaver! Life is so much better with a soundtrack. I can’t usually get any work done if I don’t have some music to keep the balance in the background. On the Red Stripe – hey, if a girl is working 18 hour days, a little lager goes a long way! Plus, bringing some island love to my day is always a yes. 


Just when I thought I was going to live and die in all-black-everything. Something about this dressfeels very retro to me and like I should be strutting down the street singing, “Stop, In the Name of Love”. 


Home decor isn’t really my forte, so when putting a room together, I like to keep things neutral, airy, and focus on playing around with texture or pops of color. This shag rug, feels very Zsa-Zsa to me and I love it. 

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Photos by Grams.