Going Hiking on Memorial Day? Carry a Chant BT Speaker With You

Memorial Day is coming up this weekend and if you’re planning to go out during the 3-day weekend bring a portable Bluetooth® speaker so you can bring music wherever you are! We’ve got quite a few portable Bluetooth® speakers to choose from.

Our Chant BT Bluetooth® speaker is very portable and you can use a carabiner clip to attach it on your waist so you can listen to music as you hike. It also has an IPX4 splash resistant design so you don’t have to worry so much about small amounts of water getting on your speaker. The speaker is built with a 5W 2” active driver and a passive driver which can deliver the Marley “Signature Sound” for 8 hours of playtime.

House of Marley Chant BT Speaker

Chant BT

Price: $69.99