House of Marley to Plant 75,000 Trees Globally with One Tree Planted


NEW YORK, NY – House of Marley is proud to announce their Project Marley platform in partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to reforestation efforts worldwide. As part of House of Marley’s philosophy to bring Bob Marley’s vision of universal love, music and respect for nature to life, a percentage of each House of Marley product sold will contribute to the brand’s common goal of planting 75,000 trees within the next year in an effort to spread awareness of global forest restoration needs and corporate social responsibility.

“There is a lot of thought in terms of what House of Marley uses to make their products – recycled materials, materials that are better for the environment than virgin materials. With One Tree Planted, we are trying to connect with those types of companies and products that care about the environment,” explains One Tree Planted Founder, Matt Hill. “Everybody has an impact. We try and make it easier for people to understand how they are affecting the environment and how they can give back.”

Project Marley is shining light on the need for sustainability within a plastic driven market. House of Marley products are consciously crafted from mindfully sourced materials – from FSCTM certified woods and non-toxic silicone, to their own signature blend of REWIND™ up-cycled fabrics made from organic cotton, reclaimed hemp and recycled plastic bottles. Along with 100% recyclable packaging, the brand is making conscious efforts to ensure the materials they use conserve natural resources, contribute to cleaner manufacturing and produce less waste within the consumer electronics market.

“At House of Marley, we are bringing sustainability to the audio world. We take the time to research and find materials that are durable and can last a lifetime,” states House of Marley brand ambassador, Rohan Marley. “When you talk about the responsibility of man, how do you protect the earth? How do give back to something that you have taken so much from? As our brand grows globally, by teaming up with One Tree Planted we are acknowledging the need to give back to our Mother Earth what we take from it.”

Through Project Marley, each House of Marley product sold will contribute to positive environmental, social and economic impact through carbon offsets, cleaner air, water filtration and greater bio-diversity within our world’s forests. By planting 75,000 trees in core regions across the planet, House of Marley will be consciously giving back to global markets through reforestation, directly benefitting each community and country.

About House of Marley:
House of Marley was born from the passion of the Marley Family to bring Bob’s vision of universal love, music and respect for nature, to life. The brand reflects this philosophy by combining high quality materials and innovative design to create state of the art audio products – made better for the Earth and for the music. House of Marley products are consciously crafted from socially responsible materials including REWIND™ up-cycled fabrics, REGRIND™ recycled silicone and plastics, solid bamboo, cork, FSCTM certified woods and 100% recyclable
packaging. Sustainably crafted. Superior sound. @HouseofMarley #MaterialsMatter

About One Tree Planted:
One Tree Planted is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity based in Shelburne, Vermont, that helps with global reforestation efforts. They work with reforestation partners around the world to help plant trees in North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. For every dollar donated, one tree is planted.