Marley’s Director of Product Development Talks About Why #MaterialsMatter

House of Marley products are crafted from mindfully sourced materials. Our products tie back to Bob Marley’s ethos of planet and people to create a sustainable environment. We use materials such as Bamboo, REWIND™ Fabric, recyclable aluminum, REGRIND™ Silicone, recycled paper, wood composite, FSC™ Certified Wood, stainless steel, leather, recycled plastic, recycled PET, organic cork, recycled metals, non-toxic silicone, and organic cotton.

The House of Marley is unique to a lot of other brands not only because of the materials we use but how we apply them on the product. We use materials for their sustainable properties and their aesthetic qualities, but their acoustical and mechanical properties as well. We try to bring new innovation to materials that we see every day. How do we reuse them? How do we recycle them? How to we up-cycle them into a new product? The landscape has changed and obviously a lot of mixed materials such as fabric, wood, metal, or ceramic are being used on audio products today.

When we do use wood we make sure they are responsibly harvested and by doing that we’ve aligned ourselves with the Forest Stewardship Council®. We actually take the time to trace that wood from the forest all the way to our end product. We’re using the latest technology especially when it speaks to our sustainable story. Power consumption, battery life, energy conservation. Those are all things we think about when we design our products.

The goal really is to design something that is useful that is making a difference by helping the environment and planet and through our philanthropic actions we’re giving back and feel that the consumer is giving back as well. We believe materials matter because ultimately this planet is something that should be cherished.