Rohan Marley Talks About the Bob Marley Family Legacy

As told by Rohan Marley.

The House of Marley is the embodiment of the Marley family philosophy, legacy, and a way of life. My family carried my family’s legacy by upholding the things that we were taught as children regarding love, life, and humanity and taking that same vision and making it part of one’s way of life. As the brand ambassador of House of Marley, we understand the importance of giving back and the importance of how we treat nature and earth because it is what provides for us. It’s all about the Earth. How do we treat the Earth? What you give to the Earth is what the Earth will provide for you.

At House of Marley it’s all about the choices that we make. We take the time to research and find materials that are durable and can last a lifetime. The Marley Family with House of Marley, together I think we’re doing something wonderful and we’ll continue to do things in a responsible and a sustainable way. It’s really beneficial to not just us, but to humanity.