Happy Birthday SELAH MARLEY

Today we are wishing a Happy Birthday to Selah Marley. Selah is not your average NYU college student, she recently modeled for Yeezy, Calvin Klein and Gucci. In between class and casting calls she came by the HoM New York office to talk about what she’s listening to and how she stays creative and balances her life with school, music, fashion and family.

HOM: First off, tell us what music you are listening to right now?
Selah Marley: I’m one of those people who likes to listen to the same 5 songs for 10 years. (Laughs) So right now I’m listening to PartyNextDoor 3, and I’m in love with the Rae Sremmurd song “Look Alive”. I also have my own song which is called “Star”. I also like Blonde; the Frank Ocean Album, you have to be in a certain mood. It’s kind of like a story. And I’m always listening to Drake.

Listen to Selah’s Spotify playlist here

HOM: How was New York Fashion Week? Was it your first time being so active in the space and walking in shows?
Selah Marley: Yeah it is, well I stared modeling when I was like 12. And kind of took a break and I started doing it again last winter. Since then I have been doing a lot of things, but ever since I walked for Yeezy and worked with Gucci in Vogue, I’ve just been on a roll. I also did this thing with Carine Roitfeld for CR Fashion Book which also just dropped. I’ve been doing a lot of cool stuff.

I haven’t been so much involved in fashion week as I have been with shooting. I only walked once for Yeezy, but I really thought it was cool and would like to continue to walk. Even though I’m only 5’3. Like if you see the video it’s just “Tall, Tall, Tall – Boop!…..Me” (Laughs)

HOM: You were also with a few other girls there right?
Selah Marley: Yeah, Sofia Richie was there, Chanel Iman, Teyana Taylor, and I also saw like Kim (Kardashian) around.

HOM: Outside of the show, who are some of your favorite designer’s?
Selah Marley: Outside of modeling, I’m a very much a vintage type of person. I love Alexander Wang, I also love Comme De Garcon. For vintage and everyday stuff, I usually just go down to my mom’s basement and take her old clothes. I also like finding cool little stuff, like this bag is from Asos which is an iridescent color. which is like my favorite color. Also Nylon is cool & Acne Studios is dope. I don’t usually shop high end stores.

HOM: So tell us about modeling for the most recent Calvin Klein campaign? It was a big campaign with Bella Hadid, Frank Ocean, Margot Robbie and Kate Moss.
Selah Marley: Modeling for Calvin Klein was so cool, it was really dope. It was the biggest thing I’ve ever done. Once I walked in there, there was a huge set, like huge…I’ve never been on a set that big. It felt like a movie set. I shot with Tyrone Lebon and it was so cool. He’s really good at capturing vulnerability, whatever the image is he’s able to show the raw side of it. Everyone was really nice and I was able to enjoy the interviews. It’s weird cause when things drop I kind of have to find out about it, like I don’t always know when they are coming out. A lot of cool people were there and it was on multiple days. Like I saw Cameron Dallas and I also saw Keith Ape but most of the time it was more set people than talent. It was really dope though, so many clothes. When we were shooting in these huge rooms they would do the color changing effect, it would go from pink, to purple, to blue. In my shot I was in the pink/purple vibe. I just really thought it was dope, it was my first real experience working on a set like that.

HOM: How is the model & work life balance going? Have you decided on a subject to study at NYU yet?
Selah Marley: Well I don’t know how I do it, and I’m still trying to figure how to juggle both since I’m somewhat of an extremist sometimes. So right now it’s only the third week of school and I’m trying to weigh things out. Recently I’ve been able to tell people “No, I can’t hang out with you right now” and it’s not really school it’s more of being in New York City and that’s a big part of it. The work life, being in NYC and wanting to be social, as well while also having to read 10,000 books at one time. It’s definitely challenging but I don’t think it’s impossible and I think being very organized helps. Understanding when everything is due and what you have to do and try to stay on-top of everything, and me being a bit of procrastinator is my own little flaw. I think it will just take time.

I get to pick my own major so right now my interest is philanthropy/philosophy because I want to focus on linking science and spirituality. Even when I’m doing a lot of fashion stuff I’m always thinking about that. I’m taking an Astronomy class, Ancient Egyptian Art and a Time Writing class; which is about sleeping & dreaming and how that leads to being awake, the links between conscious and unconscious and how it effects your conscious life.

HOM: When you have some down time, what do you like to do for fun?
Selah Marley: I really like to drive around with friends, but ever since I came out here the dynamic has totally changed. You can just walk up and down the street and have a good time. You have fun just looking at architecture, and I’m really into street art so if you look at my Snapchat it’s just full of street art and a bunch of paintings from around the city. It’s so inspiring. It’s a cool world out here and it motivates you to be very productive with so much going on around you.

HOM: Speaking of that, what passion projects do you have going on right now?
Selah Marley: I am always writing, I can find a beat on my computer and start writing on it for fun, I always seem to have that in the mix. I don’t really have anything in particular I’m working on outside of work and fashion but more of a bunch of cool things I can tap into. I just really like to create, like once I was grounded for a week and just started painting and it was cool, I really enjoyed it. I like anything that has to do with using the right side of your brain.

HOM: Do you want to tie in your love for art, astrology, and music somehow?
Selah Marley: Yeah all the way, epically through art cause sometimes you can’t convey your message through words but with visuals it becomes huge. When I really get into music I want to have the dopiest music videos because I feel like no one does that anymore. I’m a very animated person so it might not even be me in it but more of energy’s and entity’s moving through space and doing cool stuff. Just Art, anything art. I like to think a lot which usually leads to overthinking.

HOM: What’s one of the most important lessons your parents have taught you?
Selah Marley: It’s funny cause I was just on my phone talking to my dad about some crazy stuff. My parents have taught me a lot so it’s hard for me to narrow it down to just one lesson. My Mom and I have had a lot of great conversations. Especially because I had a lot of freedom in my adolescence, which helped me, discover my own truths. I was talking to my dad about how I’m into ancient Egyptian art and he was saying how you need to think about where they got that from which is like Ethiopia. Which has taught me to stay true and never be hungry cause when you are hungry your desperate and I’ve always taken that with me. My mom always told me to remain myself.

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