Take a Portable Speaker With You on Labor Day

Labor Day is just around the corner and you know what that means? Yep! Time to spend some time outdoors with friends and family. You’re good at what you do and you work very hard at it. So this Labor Day, go out there and really enjoy your holiday weekend with some music wherever you’ll be. Below are some of the Bluetooth speakers we make from the super portable Chant Mini BT and the powerful Bag of Riddim. Check them out below.

At House of Marley we work hard to build high-performance audio products that are sustainably crafted. We also give back by planting one tree for every sale through our partnership with One Tree Planted x Project Marley.

1. Chant Mini BT Speaker

Chant Mini BT - House of Marley


At just [6 inches tall], the Chant Mini is a small-but-mighty Bluetooth speaker that brings crystal-clear sound to parties, picnics, or anywhere else life takes you. With sustainable design and socially responsible craftsmanship, you’ll feel as good about your choice as you do about the music.

2. Chant BT Speaker

Chant BT - House of Marley


Surround yourself with sound that moves you. This Bluetooth speaker offers bold sound and design for every setting, in a striking exterior featuring Rewind fabric, recyclable aluminum, and bamboo trim. With deep, rich sound and heavy bass response, the Chant keeps your soundtrack going strong.

3. Liberate BT Speaker

Liberate BT - House of Marley


Keep your style streamlined—without sacrificing powerful sound. The Liberate BT Bluetooth speaker packs a punch. With a choice of distinctive face plates in recyclable aluminum or bamboo, and rich sound that keeps the rhythm flowing hour after hour, the Liberate BT is anything but shy.

4. Chant Sport BT Speaker

Chant Sport - House of Marley


Dive in to perfect sound, wherever you go. The Chant Sport Bluetooth speaker is a portable waterproof wonder that really shines outdoors. With bold sound, sturdy Wood Fiber and recycled PP composite construction, your days on the beach or poolside will sound a whole lot brighter.

5. Riddim BT Speaker

Riddim BT - House of Marley


Grab your music and join the party. The Riddim BT Bluetooth speaker comes complete with a leather carrying strap, so you can move your soundtrack with ease. With ten hours of playtime and an enhanced DSP that stacks up against the competition, it keeps you immersed in the music that moves you.

6. Get Together Mini Speaker

Get Together Mini BT - House of Marley


Light up your day with vibrant sound that keeps everyone smiling. The Get Together Mini—a scaled-down version of the classic Get Together speaker—packs a lot into a small package. With its bamboo face and choice of colors, it delivers solid performance without sacrificing great-looking design.

7. Get Together BT Speaker

Get Together BT - House of Marley


Wirelessly stream music with the GET TOGETHER™ Bluetooth portable audio system. The built-in rechargeable battery, Bluetooth, and convenient 3.5mm input make it simple and easy to connect hundreds of devices and fire up your tunes whenever and wherever you need them. The exclusive Rewind™ fabric cover and natural bamboo front and back panels are beautiful and sustainable.

8. Bag of Riddim 2 Speaker

Bag of Riddim 2 - House of Marley


Pack great design and gorgeous sound into a streamlined bag that moves with you. The Bag of Riddim 2 offers an integrated auxiliary input for effortless connectivity, and a built-in USB port for easy charging. With Bluetooth technology and ten hours of playtime, it keeps up with the party—wherever you end up.