Zuri Marley’s Holiday Gift Guide

This week, Zuri Marley shares with us her perfect holiday gift guide. Nourishing creativity and a comfortable space are at the top of our girl’s list. Check out what she recommends below, great gifts for the great people in your life.

Orange Blossom and Cinnamon Soy Candle by Chi Candle: “I am addicted to scents. I have so many candles and perfumes depending on my mood and Orange Blossom and Cinnamon sounds like the perfect scent for any weather because of it blends citrus and spicy aromatics. This particular pick is an all natural, vegan soy wax candle crafted with a recyclable wick, hand made and poured. This candle is perfect for those cozy holiday nights in front of the fireplace.”

Muji Recycled Paper Journal:
“Write! Write! Write! I cannot tell you how important this is to me and I think anyone would benefit from having a tiny journal or notepad that goes everywhere with them. Sometimes your phone just can’t do your thoughts justice, or maybe it’s dead or you dropped it in the toilet – anything can happen! Jot down your thoughts, schedule, and goals in this simple and affordable notebook that goes with any aesthetic.”

Nag Champa Incense Variety Pack
and White Geo Incense Holder by Rabbit and Dragon:
“I grew up with Nag Champa insense so it’s become a necessity. Incense have been known to calm, set ambiance, and evoke happiness. This variety pack allows the person to explore all the beautiful variations Nag Champa offers. If you want to give your person the full incense experience get them a cute incense holder. The White Geo Piece by Rabbit and Dragon is chic and handmade for those friends who lean more towards mod style but still want to let the good vibes roll.”

House Of Marley Liberate Bluetooth Portable Speaker:
“Good music. Good times. Everywhere you go. What more could you ask for?”

Rose Quartz Crystal Tower:
“Placing crystals around your space is more than just décor. These stunning pieces stimulate positive energy and solace. If you can’t handpick your stones or find them at a local market this epic Rose Quartz Tower will do the job! Rose Quartz, also called the “love stone,” is said to spread warmth and unconditional love.”

Crewneck Adidas Logo Pullover:

“If you can’t get your hands on that 80’s or 90’s original windbreaker or sweatshirt you can always go with a classic pullover – it will come in handy. If you’re opting for vintage FILA and Nike have some of my favorite pieces and Adidas never fails!”

El Paquete By Tyler Mitchell:
“A unique soft cover photo book by my friend Tyler Mitchell, encapsulating the Skate culture and architecture of Cuba. His work on this piece brings the coffee table book to another level, El Paquete is the one you may not be able to put down. This will be a hit with anyone who appreciates aesthetic and style, or that loved one who needs a little visual inspiration.”

Marley Coffee Lively Up Eco-Cups:
“I’m more of a tea kinda gal but the Marley Coffee Lively Up Eco-Cups is for the hustlers who need an extra kick! The Lively Up Espresso eco-cup is the first biodegradable, earth-friendly one-time-use cup that fits in any Keurig system. 10 out of 10!”